Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes


In 1989, tenants of Cityhome project “Winchester Square” began the process of converting to a Non-Profit Housing Corporation.  With the assistance of Ward 7 Councilor Barbara Hall, tenants successfully negotiated a lease agreement with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Cityhome. Bleecker Street Co-operative Homes, Inc. was in full operation by January of 1991 and was later renamed Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes in honor of the co-op’s founding manager in 2012. Since our inception, our Board of Directors, staff, and co-operative members have worked together to develop a community that is inclusive, diverse and progressive.

While our mandate is to provide safe and attractive housing at an affordable cost, our goal has evolved into providing educational and social programs for our members as part of the housing we offer.  Half of our 254 units are rent-geared-to-income, and half are market rent units.  In addition to providing safe and affordable housing, Diane Frankling Co-op provides the following services to its members and community:

  • Member Education Workshops & Events
  • Computer Learning Centre (15 computers, dedicated internet access, scanner, printer, copier, and Wi-Fi)
  • Computer Accessible room (Members with limited mobility)
  • Computer workshops, Art and cooking classes, karate, yoga and gardening seminars
  • Fitness facility
  • Out-of-town bus excursions for children and adults
  • Community social gatherings (PRIDE Party, culture-sharing events, holiday parties, etc.)
  • Meeting space for non-profit community groups
  • Art Studio

We have consciously worked to create a diverse community based on principles of equity and anti-oppression.  People of varied ethnic and cultural contexts and family compositions (including members of the gay, lesbian, transgender and transsexual communities) many sole parent households, and many children call Diane Frankling Co-op “home”.  Our events during the year serve to bring our diverse membership together in a fun and relaxed way: arts programming, parties, field trips and member workshops help individuals connect and find common ground, leading to new friendships and creative ideas for new Co-op initiatives.