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Helping Hands

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At Diane Frankling Co-op, we are all fortunate to enjoy life in a diverse and supportive community. Our community’s vibrancy hasn’t happened overnight – it has taken many years of nurturing, constant care, appreciation of what we have, and attention to things that could be better.  Studies have shown that the quality of our communities has a direct bearing on our individual health and well-being.

As part of this vision, the co-op would like to start a “Helping Hands” program, designed to generally improve the quality of life of our membership – through thoughtful and reciprocal connections.

To that end, the Board asked a group of interested members to draft a survey asking for feedback from ALL co-op members, about various aspects of life here in the co-op – both physical and social.

We have designed this survey to encompass what we see as three major areas of potential need or desire:
1) Practical assistance with day-to-day tasks,
2) Information about programs and devices to make life a little easier, and
3) Programs to stimulate the mind and provide a fun and social outlet.

The survey is comprised of three sections. Please fill out as much as you are able, and feel free to elaborate, or add to, our suggestions. Thank you!

Click Here for the Survey