Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes


2013 – CHFT’s Housing Awards

Diane Frankling Co-op is proud to have received the following awards:

Co-op Website Award 2013 Combined Garden Award 2013 Diversity Award 2013
Website Award Combine Garden Diversity Award
Outdoor Garden Award 2013 Vegetable Garden 2013 Youth Award 2013
Outdoor Garden Vegetable Garden Youth Award

Diane Frankling Co-op’s Board of Directors, members and staff were very proud to receive these prestigious awards. Congratulations to our entire membership for supporting and contributing to our continuing initiatives.

Past CHFT Awards

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2007 – GLEN HILLSON AWARD: In recognition of the Co-op’s tireless commitment to the health and human rights of people living with AIDS/HIV.


Bleecker Street co-op has been named the winner of the 2007, 2008 & 2009 CHFC T-Shirt Contest. We will be donating our prize, a free registration to next years CHFC meeting, to another member co-op who would not other wise be able to afford to go.

2006 – Clean and Beautiful City Appreciation Award
The City of Toronto has recognized and awarded many residents, community organizations, businesses and property owners for their contributions to the Clean and Beautiful City initiative

2000 – The Jim MacDonald Award for Social Change
Also presented by CHFC, this award is given annually to a Co-op that is committed to bettering the lives of its members, and the community at large. Jim MacDonald himself presented this award to Bleecker’s representatives, at the 2000 AGM in Ottawa.

2000 – CHFC’s Award for Excellence in Management
The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada presents this award annually, in partnership with CMHC. The Co-op that receives this award must demonstrate well-maintained buildings and property, good member involvement and financial solvency.