Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes

Learning Centre

The Kingdon Learning Centre, formerly known as the “Mousepad,” was established in November 1998 to provide internet access and training to members in our community who do not have access to a computer or internet service.

The Centre not only provides training and internet access, but now offers a broader range of services and activities to our community.  With computer training and internet access, more and more members require a more in-depth knowledge of computers. We now offer intermediate and advanced workshops for the more advanced members (i.e. Fields of Web design, Microsoft Database Access program, System design and more), while still offering an introductory computer workshop for novice users.

Recent workshops:

Computers for Seniors – a step-by-step, hands-on approach to teaching. Classes are kept small and geared to help Seniors understand and follow instructions.

Safe computing practice – Learn about safeguarding your data and privacy while using email and the internet.

Computer Fundamentals – This workshop addresses how to operate and run basic computer programs and services, such as opening and closing programs, using the internet, and printing documents.

Introduction to Office suite – Introduction to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and Powerpoint.

Introduction to Web Page Design – This workshop covers the most fundamental of web design using IEEE’s standards.

Currently, the Centre has 3 hardware firewalls, Proxy server, 15 Pentium 5 and above PC’s, with Windows Vista and 2007, MS Office suite, DVD-RW, digital camera, high speed wireless internet access, laser printer, colour scanner, and LCD projector.  All systems are networked together and sharing a dedicated DSL & Cable internet connection.

The Kingdon Centre is staffed by volunteers, also known as “Monitors” and also co-op staff persons, to maintain quality service and expand hours of operations, to better serve its members.  If you’re interested in joining the Monitor team, please contact Hong Ngo at hngo@dianefranklingco-op.com.