Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes


Philosophy and Mission

Our membership has a strong commitment to the inclusion of children and youth in the co-op. To ensure that quality programs are delivered to the highest possible standard, we employ a part-time child and youth co-ordinator and councillors to run these programs. Respecting our childrens’ individuality requires us to develop programs that cover a wide range of activities, including: arts & crafts, drama & music appreciation, literature, sports & athletics, computers, science and cooking. Our programs have enhanced individual members’ lives and our co-op community in general. In recognition of our commitment to youth, CHFT has presented us with their Contribution to Youth Award.


The scholarship recognizes youth who are determined to succeed at the post-secondary level or in a skilled trade and who did not have the opportunity to finish high school due to family, financial or other circumstances.

Past Recipients

2013 Diane Frankling Recipients (2) (2)_Page_1 2013 Diane Frankling Recipients (2) (2)_Page_2 2013 Diane Frankling Recipients (2) (2)_Page_3
(Left to right: Sarah Nikahwal, Pauline Salanga and Samantha Nikahwal)

Sarah Nikahwal – 2013 Samantha Nikahwal – 2013
Pauline Salanga – 2013 Karmela Salanga – 2012
Steven Batalla – 2012 Shelly Saenpaseut – 2011
Dorian Johnson – 2010 Mary Josephine Saavedra – 2010
Errol Brooks – 2010 Nadia Brooks – 2009
Alicia Sayles – 2009 Jamal Baptiste – 2008
Christina De La Cruz – 2008 Joseph Saavedra – 2007
Angelica Batalla – 2007 Elizabeth de Vries – 2006