DFC Recycling Program – February Pick Up Dates

We are happy to say that this initiative has been a huge success! As we bring it into 2018, we wanted to give a quick refresher on how to best participate;

  • Simply leave your recycling in a clear plastic bag or plastic shopping bag in front of your unit on specific pick up dates and times. Please do not leave recycling out on any dates / times outside of the posted schedule.
  • Please ensure that you are only placing accepted recycling items into your bags. If you aren’t sure, please visit the cities Waste Wizard page or contact Ryan Hayward for printed materials.
  • Please do not place any organic waste in your recycling bags. It’s just gross and unpleasant for volunteers to handle.


Saturday February 3rd , 10am – 12pm

Tuesday February 6th , 10am – 12pm

Thursday February 8th , 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday February  13th, 10am – 12pm

Saturday February 17th, 10am – 12pm

Tuesday February 20th, 6pm – 8pm

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