Easter Brunch at Bleecker

Assorted Eggs

Barry St. Denis,  aided and abetted by hubby hostess Simon, cooked up a fine Easter brunch of pancakes, sausages and bacon as well as eggs on demand.  Other members of the coop contributed their specialty dishes.  Barb presented her homemade matzo ball soup to remind us it wasn’t just Easter to be celebrated.  Tom made the hash browns and muffins.  Miriam prepared a mashed potato quiche.  There were fruit salads, mini quiches, carrot cake, a Polish Babka (grandma) cake from Adam, a bunny shaped cake crafted by Lee and freshly baked scones by Bonnie.  Rumour has it there was also a baked salmon, by Brian, may it rest in peace.  It disappeared so fast that neither the cook nor this guest even saw it much less tasted it.
There were many bottles of fizzy wine being popped, at least 4 to my ear, and lots of jugs of o.j. to make mimosas.
These events are always very fluid affairs [pun intended] so the head count, while not exact, was around 30 persons.
Assorted Eggs

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