Frankling Pride Party

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Saturday night Diane Frankling Co-op, 85 Bleecker St., celebrated our Pride with a huge party in the courtyard.

True to form Chef Michael cooked up a storm. We had burgers and Toulouse sausages from the barbeque, another version of his famous Nappa salad, yummy Orzo pasta salad tossed with pesto and asparagus, and 3 bowls of potato salad that kept disappearing it was so good.

For desert he served a selection of homemade ice creams and a killer lemon sorbet made with Prosecco, a sparkling white Italian wine. The ice creams included strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon, and caramel served up in cones or cups which brought out the Kidult in all of us! They were adorned with a chocolate crescent sugar cookie.

The bar which was well and enthusiastically covered by volunteers encouraged and accepted generous donations for Pete’s Pet Fund. They served up the traditional libations of beer and wine as well as a heady Pineapple Berry Fruit Punch that got the party started.

Music was provided by Side B Vibe.

Many thanks are due to ALL the volunteers who made the evening a success. Food decorating serving. Talk about Helping Hands!!

Eva Sin

Kayenne Sin-Liu

Noel Liu

Kim Adlard

Miriam Veerhar

Alanah Holmes

Richard Dean

Claude Houde

Tom Williamson

Harish Jayadharan

Alex Conchie

Barry St. Denis

Rebecca Dewitt

Dinah Draper

Eric Parker

Peter Harris

Jamie Aguilar

Asif Kamal

Ryan Neepin

Glen Jennings

Shawn Kirkup

Carole Esprit

Bunny Munn

Emilie Landry

Catherine Jones

Richard Teixeira

Our Social Director Ryan Hayward oversaw the festivities with his usual calm diplomacy.

Image result for gay pride graphicsImage result for gay pride graphics

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