April’s Bleecker Café: Shepherd’s Pie

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Really, I do love working in the kitchen.  Beating, mincing,  dicing, grating and stirring.  I enjoy most aspects of food prep.  However, I do feel for those on KP duty that are left to peel their way through pounds of potatoes.
Thursday’s Bleecker Café offering was Shepherd’s Pie, both meat and vegetarian, and both required a hearty topping layer of mashed potatoes.  Twelve pounds of potatoes by my reckoning.  Did you know that a small potato takes as much effort, maybe more, to peel as a large potato?  And that potatoes sold by the bag contain an inordinate number of small potatoes! [IMHO!]
The vegetarian Shepherd’s pie was a medley of zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, and red and yellow peppers.
The traditional meaty version featured ground lamb and veal along with green peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes and thyme.  Both topped with a generous layer of the aforementioned mashed potatoes.
Along with that we served a spinach salad with sauteed bacon, mushrooms, red onions and crumbled hard boiled eggs. That was topped with a sour cream and dijon dressing.
Dessert was carrot layer cakes which I, with heavy hand and glad heart, slathered with a thick layer of cream cheese icing.  Not a whit of icing was left in the litre container when I got finished with it.
Our speaker for the afternoon was Dr. Susan Dion, a First Nations (Lenape-Potawatomi) researcher and teacher-educator at York University.  Professor Dion spoke to us about her work in helping us and educators understand the Aboriginal experience in Canada and overcome the reluctance to challenge the myth of Canadian history and aboriginal peoples.
And, yes, she is related to Chef Michael Dion and our manager Ann Dion.
Spring Garden Bed


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